Paul Baribeau, Kimya Dawson, Dan Firmin, Joe Ransdell Green

I went to a lovely outdoor concert last night. It was at the Jack Townsend Point, where Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre has shows.


Paul Baribou

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau. He sang sweetly about depression. Most of his songs seemed to be about growing up in Michigan. He reminded me of “Gregory Pepper and his Problems” because they both play catchy short songs.



Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson


Kimya Dawson


I was so glad she played “same shit/complicated” because it has a real sweet message that I love. “There are some mean teachers, but no one can be mean all the time, and no one can be nice all the time.” I was hoping she would play Loose Lips, “we won’t stop until somebody calls the cops, and then again we’ll start again and just pretend, nothing ever happened.” It was on the Juno soundtrack, so she might be sick of playing it by now. I can’t complain, she played a very intimate show with lots of personal stories and conversations with audience members. She is touring with her kid! Proving that it can be done.


Dan Firmin

Dan Firmin

Dan Firmin, to hear his music click here.



Joe Ransdell Green

Joe Ransdell Green

Another great opener wasJoe Ransdell Green. He will play at the Fair on August 2.



Thank you Nick Meurlott for bringing these fantastic, nationally touring acts here to Fairbanks, and thank you KSUA for organizing the show!

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Bustin Jeiber from Eugene, OR


This band is unexplainable. They are Bustin Jeiber from Eugene, Or. Their new album is available here. As Dusty sang into a fuzz pedal about gravy and gravyrobbers, I said to my partner, “uh, does this sound like Primus?” She said simultaneously, “sounds like Frank Zappa, huh?”

Without a guitar, Andy on sax does the melodic heavy lifting, sometimes playing into wah wah pedals. Susan plays meticulous and precise drums with a determined wit.  No, they don’t sound like anything else. They are part of the weird wonderful Eugene scene. They are on tour selling their new album and comic book. Too cool.


100_3209 100_3208

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Historical Figures Burlesque






I attended a fun show at Countdown Studios! it was the annual Historical Figures burlesque show, Jorah Defleur hosted as the big bad wolf. There was also appearances by Charlie Chaplin, Princess Leia, Audrey Hepburn, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Jackie O.100_3213

Featuring Ophelia Woody as the Unabomber.


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Children’s Zoology report magazine covers.

At The Village School I did a lesson on graphic design for a zoology report. I suggested kids make exciting badges on their pages, and put titles in bubble lettering. Some students asked me for help drawing their animals, I never drew on their page, but drew the animal on a separate piece of paper, talking them through. I suggested they draw LARGE, in color and plan their pages in light pencil before doing their final draft.


Slideshow #1 student zoology covers (1)

The first drawings of Moose were made by me as an example. The next page is an Emu, Chicken, and Dolphin with exciting letters as examples of what their pages could look like. Drawing in chalk is a little difficult for me, but I like the challenge.

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Three for Silver

A wonderful bandImage 

Sublime songs, Accordion, fiddle and a unusual banjo bass.  Look them up Here. 

They play in Portland, Seattle, and are coming back to Eugene in late June. For fans of The builders and the butchers, Mood Area 52, and Squirrel Nut Zippers


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Trudy Bauchery Variety show!

This weekend I got to catch Trudy Bauchery’s Variety show.

I love to draw at burlesque shows and dance performances.

I tried drawing in pen and then coloring with soft pastel. 

Trudy wore her Green Alien costume.Image

Ivana Mandalay  was an out of town guest.

Zora Phoenix brought her glam and glitter and a couple songs.

Julia was a cutie who was selling raffle tickets.

Bayou Bettie had fun Starwars and Adventure Time tattoos. 

Fleur de Sel was the one wearing the head dress animal mask!
Mike Mc Gowan did comedy,
 Babs Jamboree hosted the show.

Lippy Sue and Bruno


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Sabe Flores in Eugene



Sabe Flores came to Eugene to play some venues including Cozmic Pizza where I drew her and Connor MacLeod.

And Whirled pies where I got to play with her. Fun times! She is playing more in Alaska this summer!100_3219sabe 100_3217sabe

She visited the Village School and told students about having a career in music! She has been able to travel to Brazil and received scholarships but it takes lots of practice! The kids loved her! Connor kicks butt on the banjo too!100_3152 100_3149


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