Emily Anderson and the Channel Four News Team

  Caught the band at Foodstock, but they also played at the downtown fair.


Ezra Rose and Sabe Flores

Ezza Rose is from Portland, they picked up Tony in Denali park and did a few gigs on their tour with him.
Sabe is from Fairbanks she kicks ass. Both she and Travis played on my record.


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The Dilemma

A Fairbanks band that plays some prog influenced indie rock, with female vocals and violin!

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Hot mess burlesque at the rockin rodeo

Annual fundraiser for AYP: the Hot Mess! I did a stand up comedy set and I drew these lovely dancers. The photos are by Ronan guillou. You can judge how accurate my drawings are, and I’m grateful to him because I used them for reference.


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Katee Sackhoff

I got to see Katee Sackhoff at the Portland comic con. She talked about Battle Star Galactica and had a real sense of humor. What a charmer! I must look up her work on robot chicken and the Big Bang theory.


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Sourdough’s Dreams and Granddad At the downtown solstice fair

 Rock and roll with some fretboard tapping.

Granddad call themselves an emo punk party band. They have some charming affectionate lyrics, “you are all my very best friends!” They use a vocal pedal that ads harmonies for choruses, which sounds pretty good with the bare bones guitar and drums combination. I think both members were once in ” Eating for Two.”


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The Wolf ad

This heavy band played Danzig covers… I think. I didn’t color it to be more punk rawk.


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