Body Language

Body Language is a modern disco/ electronic dance band from Hartford, Connecticut.

100_3756body They rocked at Cozmic Pizza this week! Zow! Its fun to hear processed vocals in a live show! But where is the guitar!?100_3754

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Asian celebration

When I was teaching art at Mecca, Sometimes I’d start the day by showing students drawings I made over the weekend, to model to them that artists should practice every day. I don’t have any students to share with anymore. :( May I share them with you dear reader?

Every Year in February Eugene has an Asian Celebration with dancers, music, vendors and art! Here are some of the drawings I made this year. 100_3751 100_3752

These are Belly Dancers who sometimes dance at MEDGE nights at Cozmic Pizza.

Here are some more of the dancers who shared their heritage and culture on the main stage.100_3750 100_3748 100_3745 100_3740 100_3736

A real highlight was this Koto music. She was joined by a Kalimba (or a Mbira?) and an accordion and piano100_3743 100_3746 100_3749

Here are a few more miscellaneous drawings, I didn’t finish coloring all of them. The Taiko drums are always exciting!100_3747 100_3742 100_3741 100_3737

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“Open Door Policy” Explained

If Terry Gross were to ask me: what does this song mean?

Well Terry, I wrote this song so the album would have more jaunty, happy tracks.  It’s a style of song I have noticed from artists as diverse as Beck and the Beatles, think of the nonsense list song “I am the Walrus.” So one could just call it a collection of nonsense words that happen to rhyme sometimes.

But the words I choose do have a meaning to me, when I visited New York City to try and “make it,” I saw many talented street performers playing in the Subway, most of whom were very well trained and showed remarkable talent. Some appeared homeless or addicted to heroin, one seemed to have been weeks since a bath, gaunt and ill and falling asleep while he was playing, but the music he was playing was gorgeous, and sounded like Bill Evans mixed with Rachmaninov, this was on a dinky Casio battery powered keyboard that didn’t even have touch sensitivity or a sustain pedal. I thought, wow, a real musician doesn’t need those things, and hey, this guy is better than some of the people that others pay big bucks to see.

We might judge those people, but I also have sometimes appeared so haggard, tired and dirty as to be perceived as homeless by others. So I was writing about what others might think of me, and when you look at anyone, even a homeless person, they are a mirror of what you could look like if you made some poor choices and had a series of unfortunate events and bad luck.

The “fountain of Greed,” lyric, is a statue of a man holding a moneybag in a New York city Subway station. I heard that people who are poor and wealthy both rub it or touch it as they go by, hoping for a little more wealth to come their way. It occurred to me that we might think ourselves above such superstitions in the West: kissing the blarney stone or visiting Mecca, but we do actually have our own physical rituals here such as throwing coins in the fountain.

Then the “hard part” in a minor key, is the perspective of the money makers, the corporate CEOs and their profit oriented goals. They aren’t sure who it was who said “the meek will inherit the earth,” but they intend to fleece everyone including the meek. I kind of cringe at the obviousness of my lyrics here, but its ok to be blunt sometimes. The phrase “domestic disturbance” has always tickled me as its a sort of oxymoron like “civil war.”

When I mention the brand name Tostitos. It’s a joke making fun of rappers who brag about specific brands of guns or champagne. I think its funny to brag about mundane things, or products that anyone can afford. Also, Panda bear is a musician in the band “Animal Collective.” He doesn’t play the harmonium, as far as i know, but it sounds good. If you think something in the song means something to you, Great, it does then.

Dengue Fever, Particle, Human Ottoman, The Aggrolites and more!

particleParticle is a dance Jam band from Los Angeles. Very Fun, for fans of The New Deal!

denguefever denguefever2 100_3722dengue3

Dengue Fever is one of the worst diseases, and best bands on the planet! check them out at Their guitar player plays a double necked guitar where one neck is a shamisen like instrument with very loose rubbery strings! They played such weIrd and beautiful music in Asian scales.


The Shivas are from Portland and they are going through a very chill phase, playing music very 60s inspired like Crushed Out and Beach House. I saw them in Austin years ago and i like the new direction.

100_3727 The Aggrolites were SOOO Amazing. they had a lot of perky happy circus organ solos. That organ player is SICK. This band was so tight and they really rocked the Wow Hall.

pluto 100_3724  100_3733 The Human Ottoman, making truly accessible math rock. I love them.

Annie Where the Sun Don’t Shine, Milk and the Honeys


This unique Alaskan band has a family at its core: Jesse’s brother James plays drums, His wife sings and plays ukulele, and now they have Jeremy (from Savvy) on banjo, Sarah Mitchell on vocals, and Patrick Mailloux on bass. They played perky reggae versions of pop songs and sexy poppy originals!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/6fd/6122708/files/2015/01/img_0072.jpgOnce Annie was alone, then she was joined by Meghan on Harmonica and Eli on guitar. Now eli plays an electric, they have Rebecca File on a miniature acoustic Bass and Hard hitting Punk drummer Matt Harris on the drums. They ROCK now, but they don’t play often because Annie lives in Juneau, but soon it will be Washington D.C.

Totally by accident, my friend’s Paul and Deven’s Christmas card is in the background. oops.

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Era Coda, Bustin Jeiber, Deathhorse Paleons, The Longshots, Spiderwolf Death Horse


Smooth crystal clear old school ska.


Wow,  band that plays odd time signatures, never harshly disorted, just jazzy and delightful and shimmering like Mahavishnu Orchestra or Frank Zappa. And OMG there is a vibraphone. PURE AUDIO BLISS, but this is a young band with no recordings yet.

100_3717 100_3719  Postrock heavyness from Eugene.

100_3714 Zang, Bustin Jeiber play awesome funk. I am sometimes annoyed by saxophones but this band is amazeballs.


SPIDERWOLF/DEATHHORSE. confusing but appealing weird math rock jam band.

Weezer, Human Ottoman

I haven’t been able to go to as many shows this semester as I did before, but I still make it to a few and of course, I am always drawing.

It was awesome to see childhood heroes Weezer play in Portland. They played a few old gems, including “she’s all I got and I don’t want to be alone!” Great show, the lights were fun, the choir and extra guest performers kept it mixed up and exciting! Weee! oh and I painted with coffee because that’s what was lying around.

Weezer at the Roseland Ballroom in Portland

Weezer at the Roseland Ballroom in Portland

One of my favorite local Eugene bands that combines math rock with jazz and a bit of everything: Human ottoman. Their songs are available to listen free online here.

Human Ottoman at Sam Bonds

Human Ottoman at Sam Bonds

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