Emerald Valley Comic Con, Keith Tucker, Megan Goldman, Joanie Brosas, Ed Lloyd Gragg.

I went to Emerald Valley Comic con and met many cool artists! Keith Tucker worked on so many animated shows in the 90s, it almost blows your mind. He penciled  many of the coolest Disney comics covers. I asked him what was the most fun to work on, he said without a doubt Pinky and the Brain. he also really enjoyed Jem and the Holograms because there was so much freedom. I also asked him, ” did you still have time to draw for fun?” He said, I had a blast very day, I drew all day for over twenty years and I was always having fun!” 

His speciality was action scenes. He had a real say in the movement of characters and how they danced, walked, fought, and lived in their worlds within the screen. He was such a friendly and nice guy! You can see more of his art here.


  I used to have these comics! Wow, he could really compose a dynamic comic book cover!
   Don’t they just make you want to buy that comic and read what’s inside??

Melanie Golden was totally sweet when I awkwardly asked her, “may I draw you?”

 Follow her on Instagram here. I got these from her Facebook page, sorry I do not know who the photographers are.


 She has been a model, cosplayered as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), and look here is a picture of her with Chris Evans!   
Ed Lloyd Gragg 

Ed makes incredible paintings inspired by film posters like those by Drew Struzan. He has also made illustrations for sports magazines and rock album covers. Look at his work here. Pictures of vampirella here.

He had a fantastic painting of Spock,

 many of Marilyn Monroe and other pinups!
  Isn’t this a cool painting? Ed told me it’s basically his bookshelf, with a small addition.
  Even Beaker,  Wonder Woman, and Jango Fett were there!

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Ted Rall

Political cartoonist, hero, despised liberal, journalist and funny guy Ted Rall visited the Eugene Public Library to tell us about his new book, “Snowden.” Here I drew him like he’s a superhero on the cover of a marvel comic book.

 Snowden is one of the most fascinating figures of modern times and I’m excited to read Ted’s new book. He was accused of racism for depicting Obama as “ape like” ( more here). He was fired from the LA times for disparaging (though true) comments about the Los Angeles police.( you can read more about that here)

 Here are some of my favorites of his cartoons.

On the back of his book are some quotes by such luminaries as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

“Ted Rall just does things to upset people so his name will get in the paper.” – Ann Coulter

Whoops, Ann sounds like you are talking about yourself.

“What is sad is that such an imbecile and such an ignoramus ends up as a prominent cartoonist in major newspapers.” – Rush Limbaugh

Rush, it takes a lot of hard work to be published in many newspapers! No one listens to imbeciles, well, except for you. Some of ralls critics say, in addition to being hurtful, mean spirited and rude, he CANT draw. I disagree? His art is economical, utilizes stereotypes and sometimes, like here, shows detail and understanding of perspective. Sure, his heads are generic and Picasso-esque, but the communicate effectively a message, and that’s what s important in cartoons.


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Ruth Acuff, Merry Ellen Kirk and Caroline Bauer

Ruth plays a harp and writes beautiful, inspirational songs, about Love, loss, and the rugged endurance of ubiquitous weed Queen Anne’s Lace.


I especially liked “Dark Blue, Dark Green.” It, and every song on her EP “To The Moon,” seem to be about the passing of a close friend.  In her song, “Right Now,” she sings hopefully, ” Like a callus on a finger, over time it just makes you stronger, than if you had it, if you took it right now.  Put the time in, and the effort, you will find you get what you deserve.  You will find all truly right now. ” She told us the song is about her process of learning to play the harp, but you can apply it to anything you are trying to achieve.


photographers everywhere are waiting for the development of invisible microphones.

 Sometimes she achieves an ethereal mood through strumming, sometimes arpeggios, and of course, beautiful glissandos. Her music is available here. Though her recordings have overdubs of cello, voices, water sound effects  and even drums, I highly recommend you see her live. She had on her adorable merch table a handmade zine about her love of music, how she came to play the harp, and a bit about the mechanics of the instrument. It would be far too obvious to compare her to Joanna Newsom, so instead, I’ll say she reminds me at times of Enya, Bjork, and occasionally the indie pop sweetness of Sufjan Stevens, and Regina Spektor. 



Merry Ellen Kirk and Caroline Bauer also played. It was a lovely evening of live, passionate music. Thank you Merry Ellen for sharing Ruth with us in Eugene! 


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These three mcs delivered a positive show with much crowd participation shouting along and waving hands in the air, bouncing and enthusiastic cheers.

Guests Lateef the truthspeaker and Vursatyl filled in with Gift of Gab and DJ Jumbo on the decks.

I didn’t color this picture, because I don’t think it’s as good. 


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Comedians: Caitlin Weierhauser, Chase Brocket, Seth Milstein, Cienna Simmons, Mike McGowan, Michael Sevigny, Max Brockman

Caitlin told us charming stories. I enjoyed her show. She admitted to us that she was in fact, a Virgo.


Cienna is called, ” the wildcard” of Eugene comedy.


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Dan Piraro

Funny Times cartoonist Dan Piraro came to Eugene to give us a lecture about making comics… er, except he didn’t at all and gave us a 2 pm stand up comedy show that included playing a cardboard guitar, drawing audience member portraits, many silly puns and harming ” behind the scenes” hints about some of his best cartoons projected on a screen.  

Check him out online here.

The Brothers Strong and co.

  This charming Americana band sing harmonies and recall the Avett brothers. Look for them in your area.



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